'Sick And Tired' Trailer

Hybrid Experimental Documentary | Coming 2020

'Sick and Tired' will be an experimental animated documentary, following the struggle of having a chronic illness in 21st century America. 

Funding for this film is provided by VCU School of the Arts: Adjunct Faculty Research Grant & crowdfunding through www.gofundme.com/sickandtired

Echoes in Motion

Virtual Reality Digital Rendering of ten 8'x5' wood & fabric panels

Five paintings mirrored by their own animated reflections

Cute As A Button

Stop-motion animation | 04:48 mins

'Cute As A Button' is an experimental animation that explores the cute aesthetic, a visual language that pervades our 21st century cultural experience. Everything has been sweetened for our palate, made to look innocent and non-threatening. Our information is candy coated, and easy to consume. This film seeks to unveil how the saccharine nature of consumer culture makes us sick and tired, yet perpetually addicted.

Bodily Conflict

Stop-motion animation | 04:02 mins

This experimental stop-motion clay animation teeters on the line between pain and pleasure. 'Bodily Conflict' explores psychological anxieties about sexuality, the female body, and power.

Destruction Of Pleasure As A Radical Weapon

Stop-motion animation | 07:30 mins

'Destruction of Pleasure As A Radical Weapon' is an experimental stop motion animation that features a life sized ceramic puppet. This animation is completed in an installation, in which the puppet is tied to the room with thread and is forced to watch itself in an endless loop. The installation is an audio/visual response to Laura Mulvey's seminal essay 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema'.

Smashing Dandelions

Stop-motion Animation | 00:53 secs

Sand on glass, paint on glass and plasticine all to the tune of Jack Kerouac and some sweet jazz (Al Cohn and Zoot Sims)

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